Get Involved

Are you passionate about Snainton?

Why not become a Councillor?

Snainton Parish Council exists to serve the Snainton community.  Every month it makes decisions and spends taxpayers’ money for the benefit of the local community to maintain and improve both the look of the town and to support the services that it provides for the benefit of residents and visitors to the town.

The Parish Councillors give their time for the benefit of the town on a voluntary basis. They undertake training for the role, prepare for and attend meetings each month, and often do much of the work behind the scenes at the various events that the Council puts on each year, such as the Christmas Lights Event, Remembrance Day and other special events.  Many Councillors are also involved in other community organisations such as the Village Hall management, the Police & Community Liaison Forum and Derwent Valley Bridge Community Library.  One member is also a member of Scarborough Borough Council, giving the Council a useful link into the Borough Council’s activities.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the village of Snainton, the roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council and about the wider Snainton Community.  Perhaps while viewing its pages you might be inspired to become more involved yourself?


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How You Can Become More Involved in Snainton
  1. Discover more about the decisions that the Council make each month.
    This information can be found in the monthly meetings’ agendas and minutes
  2. Attend the meetings of the Council which are always open to the public.
    The dates and times of the meetings can be found in here
  3. Contact the Council to share you viewpoint on a particular issue.
    The first point of contact is the Town Clerk who can be contacted via the
    contact page.
  4. Consider becoming a Councillor. Councillors are elected for a 4 year period (the next election being due in May 2019).  However from time to time a vacancy arises and one exists at the moment which will be until May 2019.