Council Admin

Snainton Parish Council employs a Clerk to the Council

The Clerk provides independent, objective information and advice on policies, procedures, legal and ethical points, working with the Chairman to ensure the Council makes lawful decisions and that meetings are effective.

The Clerk also provides administrative and management support to the full Council acts as its Responsible Financial Officer, implements Council decisions, and is the custodian of parish records not deposited elsewhere. 

The role includes:

  • ensuring that the council conducts its business lawfully
  • administering all the council's paperwork
  • ensuring that meeting papers are properly prepared and the public is aware of meetings
  • implementing the council's decisions
  • overseeing the implementation of projects
  • keeping property registers and other legal documents
  • keeping themselves up to date by undertaking appropriate training & qualifications

Clerk to the Council; James Ingham CPFA